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[PHP-WINDOWS] Wincache for PHP 5.6 has been released

by 부운영자 posted Nov 17, 2015 Views 759 Likes 0 Replies 0
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The IIS team has published the release version of WinCache Extension for PHP 5.6. This is the latest stable and production ready version of the extension for PHP 5.6.

*In PHP 5.5 (and later), the Zend Opcache extension is now in the core PHP product, although the extension is not loaded by default. To load the Zend Opcache extension, ensure the following lines are included in the php.ini file:
*Since the Zend Opcache extension is now in the core PHP product, the WinCache opcode cache is disabled by default. As of PHP 5.5, the opcode cache portion of WinCache is deprecated, and will be removed in a future release of the WinCache extension.
*Wincache can only be used with non-thread-safe builds of PHP.
*Wincache can only be used when IIS is configured to run PHP via FastCGI.
*The WinCache Extension for PHP 5.6 can only be used with the x86 VC11 build of PHP 5.6.
*When PHP 5.6 is released and added to the Microsoft Web Platform Installer (WPI) feed, Wincache will be available via WPI as well.


The IIS team thanks all of you who have installed and tried early releases of the WinCache extension and provided us with feedback, bug reports and feature suggestions through the Windows Cache Extension for PHP Forum ( Your involvement throughout the release process has been very valuable to us and really helped us make this a great release!

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